Sierra Leone Hospitality and Tourism Association

Who We Are

The Sierra Leone Hospitality and Tourism  Association (SLHATA) is a national collaborative body comprising stakeholders in the hospitality and tourism sector in Sierra Leone.

Our current membership and stakeholder network spans the international hospitality and tourism sectors. We are the national membership body for hotels, airlines, restaurants, bars and any other establishment contributing to the hospitality, leisure and tourism industries in Sierra Leone. SLHATA works with industry, community, and government to develop the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism industry.

Our primary goal is to promote our members and showcase the beauty of Sierra Leone globally. We are helping hospitality professionals to grow their knowledge, professional profile and expertise by offering a wide range of high quality membership services.


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Representing the interests of the tourism and hospitality industry to the government and public sector, advocating for policies and infrastructure that benefit the industry.


Working with various stakeholders, including tour operators, hotels, restaurants, and other service providers, to create a cohesive and attractive tourism package.

Training and Education

Offering training programs and workshops to improve the skills of those working in the sector and raising the quality of service provided.

Marketing and Promotion

 Developing marketing strategies to promote Sierra Leone as a prime tourism destination both locally and internationally.


Providing opportunities for members to network and share best practices, thereby fostering collaboration and innovation within the industry.


6. Encouraging sustainable tourism practices to ensure long-term growth and preservation of the country’s natural and cultural resources.

Benefits of joining SLHATA

The benefits of joining SLHATA are the networking opportunities it provides. As a member, you’ll have the chance to connect with other hospitality and tourism industry professionals from around the world.

This is a great way to build your professional network, learn from others in the industry, and discover new career opportunities.

By attending SLHATA events, conferences, and other industry gatherings, you can meet new people and form valuable connections that can benefit you throughout your career.

Professional Representation

Being assured of Informed and professional representation in the drafting of policy and/or the implementation of legislation which affects our sector.

Real Time Information

Receiving real time information on changes in policy affecting our industry.

Seek Advice and Counsel

The ability to seek advice and counsel for matters that concern disputes between Union/employees.

Our Goals

The Primary goal of SLHATA is to promote its members across Sierra Leone and Africa by offering a wide range of high-quality membership services. Additionally, SLHATA works with industry, community, and government stakeholders to develop the hospitality, travel, and tourism industry in Sierra Leone and Africa.

Capacity Building

Mapping our Hidding Treasures


Activating National Awareness

What to Discover

Tourism and hospitality are two industries that are closely intertwined and are vital components of the global  economy. They provide numerous benefits to individuals, businesses, and communities, such as job creation, economic growth, and cultural exchange. Additionally, tourism and hospitality offer hidden treasures that are waiting to be discovered, and these benefits can be found in hotels, resorts, and restaurants around the world.

Hotels, resorts, and restaurants offer hidden treasures that can provide significant benefits to travelers. For example, many hotels and resorts offer spa and wellness services, which can promote relaxation and rejuvenation. Additionally, some hotels and resorts offer unique experiences, such as glamping or treehouse stays, that provide a new perspective on traditional accommodations. Restaurants, on the other hand, offer the opportunity to sample local cuisine, which can be a delicious and memorable experience.

Reasons for joining Slhata

Because SLHATA will help protect and sustain the industry and contribute to the growth of it through effective representation and inclusion.

Because SLHATA will help protect and sustain the industry and contribute to the growth of it through effective representation and inclusion.

To help protect, sustain and grow the industry through effective representation and inclusion.


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