About Us

Increasing capacity building in the sector and reducing the reliance on expat services

Hotel & Tourism Association

 HTA was in existence for 15years, competently weathering all storms that hit the sector. This increasingly attracted a widening cross-section of stakeholders. HTA therefore outgrew it’s name as members joined that weren’t hotels.

Our Mission

 To contribute to the growth of the Hospitality Industry and Tourism Sector through effective representation of private sector industry and stakeholder interests.

How can SLHATA ADD VALUE TO MTCA, NTB and the Tourism sector as a whole?

  1. Promoting the agenda of the MTCA and NTB
  2. Provide collaborative assistance and input into the National Tourism Strategy and tourism policy and supporting development assistance initiatives.
  3. Ensuring that all players in the sector have legally registered and paid their license fees to NTB before becoming a member of SLHATA and gain its benefits.
  4. Providing support in achieving key aims and objectives to the Ministry and board where and when necessary
  5. Playing a major and complementary role to MTCA and NTB by supporting capacity building, maintaining open lines and of communication, fostering product development and support increasing the domestic and global promotion of Sierra Leone across the tourism industry
  6. Promoting sites developed by the ministry and assisting in bringing investors to the table.

Committed to Enhancing Your Marketing & Sales

Tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing industries and an important source of foreign exchange and employment for many developing countries.

The SLHATA Secretariat

SLHATA executive members are committed to utilizing their individual skills and experiences towards the growth of the tourism sector in SL.

John Shallop

National President

Previously served as VP and interim President in the Hotel and Tourism Association.

Over 20 years of experience in hospitality. 10 years of managing The Country Lodge Hotel. 

Has acquired significant practical and academic experience internationally.

Daveleena V Vamboi

National Vice President

Owner’s Representative, Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel. Over 15 years of experience in financial management and administration. Daveleena is very passionate about tourism.

Patrick M Senesie

Vice President (Eastern Region)

CEO of Leleima Restaurant & Guesthouse, Kenema.

20 years of experience in Hospitality.

Annette Iye Bangura

Vice President (Northern Region)

 General Manager of MJ Mote, Makeni. 16 years of experience in Hospitality.Batchelor in Business Administration.

Samuel Andrew Goba

Vice President (Southern Region)

CEO of Two Stars Guest House. 25 years experience in the Hospitality Trade Industry.Mr Goba strongly feels that strategic investments and output, are key to the business trade sector of the tourism industry.

John Sandy

Secretary General

Proprietor, Country Spot Beach Bar.President, Lumley Beach Association. Chairman Aberdeen – Lumley beach Community. Over 10years experience in in tourism.

Abdul Kareem Jalloh

National Financial Secretary

 Proprietor of Estuary Resort. Background in rural development and project management. Mr Jalloh is committed to, and passionate about eco tourism.

Morris Marah

Director of Marketing

Founder of Saful Beach Resort. Founder & Director of Sensi Tech Innovation Hub. 15 years project management, business development and resource management experience. Morris is very knowledgeable about global information and trends relating to the latest tech and entrepreneurship development.

Miatta Marke

Director of Training

 Co-owner & Proprietor of Cole Street.  Over 20 years in Legal research, advocacy, and project management. 11 years experience in training, lecturing and marking of accredited UK based courses. Miatta is committed to contributing to the SL tourism sector in any way she can

Grigorios Delichristos

Deputy Secretary General

Developer & Proprietor, Daltons Banana Island Guesthouse. 24 years of experience in the tourism sector, both in service and management roles. Mr Delichristos’ extensive travel through over 90 countries, as well as his comprehensive industry knowledge, gives him a unique insight valued in traveller forums and, most importantly, the Association.

Bilal Bah

Public Relations Officer

Former General Manager, Lagoonda.

Owner & Proprietor, Super WhatsApp Nightclub & Restaurant.

Hotels & Resorts

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Events and Conventions

The Hospitality and Tourism Marketing Association is a home for members from the Events and Conventions Management activities – whether a small wedding planner or a five-star level events, conference and conventions organizer, we have a place for you as the member of the Hospitality and Tourism Marketing Association which gives you the privilege of being among the prestigious operators of this sector globally.
The main specialists in organizing, transporting, and accommodating international meetings and events, and comprises and organizations in over 98 countries.
The HTMA supports its members by offering international association meetings sector, offering unrivaled data, communication channels, and business development opportunities.

The HTMA enables its members to generate and maintain significant competitive advantage through our worldwide community which is one of the most prominent organizations in the world of international meetings. It is the only association that comprises a membership representing the main specialists in handling, transporting and accommodating international events.

All companies and organizations which have a strategic commitment to provide top quality products and services for international meetings should consider HTMA membership as part of their long term plans.  International meeting planners can rely on the HTMA network to find solutions for all their event objectives like venue selection, technical advice, assistance with delegate transportation, full convention planning or ad hoc services. The HTMA members represent the top destinations worldwide, and the most experienced specialist suppliers.

Join HTMA and challenge the highly competitive market.

Tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing industries and an important source of foreign exchange and employment for many developing countries.
Tourism that focuses on natural environments is a large and growing part of the tourism industry. While it can contribute in a positive manner to socio-economic development and environmental protection, uncontrolled tourism growth can also cause environmental degradation, destruction of fragile ecosystems, and social and cultural conflict, undermining the basis of tourism.
Join HTMA and challenge the highly competitive market.