Hotel project Development

Tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing industries and an important source of foreign exchange and employment for many developing countries.


This Hospitality and Tourism Marketing Association is formed by experts and professionals. The team of  developers include landscape designers, golf, designers, civil engineers, architects and quantity surveyors with a strong experience in the development of luxury hotels and resorts projects.
Specialized in Architecture and Design, Project Management, Operational Effectiveness, and Customer Oriented Development, HTMA offers its services to build new hotels or restore existing ones.

Development Services
As a leader in the management and development of new and existing luxury hotel and resort properties, HTMA offers the following development services for hotel properties in the 4-5-star capacity, full-service category, where our expertise can add the most value:

Our Focus

The hospitality and tourism marketing association primarily focus on attracting visitors to their local area through marketing, product development, provision of visitor information centers and by working to improve local facilities.ed by experts and professionals.

Our Hotels & Resorts

Country Lodge Hotel

The perfect place in Freetown to stay, the Country Lodge Hotel is situated on the hills of Freetown overlooking the spectacular panoramic views of the Atlantic ocean.

Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel

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Saful Resort

If you are looking for a get away on the beach in Sierra Leone, then you have found the right place. Our job is to make this as easy as possible for you. Read more